We strive to help others discover their purpose,bring awareness to social issues, and create the solution they want to see by bridging the gap between self, God, and community.


Our Beginning

In 2012, the non-guilty verdict for the killer of 18 year old, Trayvon Martin in the state of Florida brought anguish and disappointment throughout a whole nation. One young woman in particular was affected deeply with sorrow and was overcome with a passion to be a voice for those who did not get the chance to reach their full potential. Move Beyond Inc. was then founded to help others gain a new perspective about their life, their trauma, and their faith in order to bring it together and make a positive impact regardless of the field that one decides to pursue. Everyone has a responsibility to share love to all!


“We all have to be willing to break free from our own limitations.”

— Jasmine Edwards, FOUNDER


Edwards was sure that she wanted to help others find their voice, so that they could live a fulfilling life; however she wouldn’t know how for many years. Fast forward to 2017, she officially launched the non-profit by hosting MB’s first ever young adult conference. This took place during May 27th, 2017 where young adults from all over the Bay Area, Ca came to get inspiration, healing, and support.

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Our Mission

Move Beyond Inc. exists to put God’s love in action by inspiring adults (21-35) to make a positive impact in the world through self improvement, social awareness, and community outreach.


Get Involved

If you live in the Bay Area, CA we are looking forward to meeting you. We have monthly meetups that serve as a meeting ground for young adults who want to connect with new people, enjoy good food, and do a fun activity. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them to host workshops, conferences, and outreach projects.

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