Happy New Year!

I often ask myself if every year is different than the last then I stop and read my journal to get confirmation. I learn as I read over my thoughts and feelings from the year before that I am not the same person at the beginning of the year as I am at the end. I started 2018 one way and ended it more empowered, sure of myself, and confident that God will do what he said he’d do. So with that same mindset, I realize that I am definitely starting 2019 off as a different me.

In this new year, I encourage you to examine where you left off at 2018 and BUILD on that! The place will become your new floor in order for you to grow emotionally, relationally, career wise, and spiritually. Take captive of the thoughts that make you feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere and hold on to the truth that you are not where you used to be. Move Beyond your skepticism and F.I.N.D. (focus, inspire, navigate, and do good) your way into purpose, happiness, and destiny!

*Peace & Blessings, Jasmine Edwards, Founder of Move Beyond inc.