You Have to Be Different, It's Your Purpose!

"You Are the Light of the World. A town on a hill cannot be hidden." -Matt. 5:14

            I read Matthew 5: 14 on numerous occasions, but today I felt it in my Spirit differently than any other time before. It could be because I am walking into the knowledge of who I truly am in Jesus Christ. Perhaps trials from last year have come to strengthen me in the area of my self-confidence and worth to where now it's easier for me to believe what God has spoken over my life. Whatever it may be, I know that I am the light of the world. I was created to bring hope, peace, understanding, joy, and gentleness into this world. I am not meant to be hidden. 
             I have tried to play small for long enough! You've played small for long enough! We are created to be the change in this world that is so full of darkness. We cannot be hidden, even if we try. There have been times when I walked into a room or been in a classroom and tried to hide but my passion started to be ignited and I had to speak. I did not want to be heard nor did I want to be seen; however, God needed me to be the hope and encouragement that someone else needed. 
              You, my friend, are that in your own reach of influence. You are the light to the people who cross your path or those who you interact with daily. You are the one who was handcrafted to be the vessel that God uses in whatever setting, city, or relationship that you are in to show others what his glory looks like. We hear these things all the time, but today I want you to grab hold of the indisputable fact that God's intent for your birth was for you to be the difference on this earth. 
                When you stop hiding your light then you will begin to expel the darkness and attract more light. Maybe it's hard to connect with others because you are not choosing to believe and exude that you are the light of the world. Once the darkness around you is defeated then maybe only then, you will be able to connect with those who show their lights as well. We all want to belong; nonetheless, you have to remember that you are created to STAND OUT. 

As you continue with your day, remember that your person right now is blessing those around you whether they verbally say something or not. You make an impact on others. 

Be mindful of how you treat others. Knowing and believing that we are called and created by the Most High to be the light to this dark world comes with the responsibility of not allowing ourselves to misrepresent who God is through our own careless actions. We are front and center for those in and surrounded by darkness to see hope, but they won't receive it if we are not careful of how we use it. We cannot be arrogant, judgmental, or selective about who we share our light with. God's gift and purpose for you is NOT exclusively for you! It's for God's glory and his children here on the Earth. It's not yours to hoard, but to steward. 

Impact is felt not seen.  We live in a world that feels the need to share everything constantly, but I've come to tell you that you do not have to see the results in order to know that you made an impact. As you seek God about the revelation that you've received about how you were purposed to be the light of this world then you will know that your authenticity will always hit the intended target. You nor I need to have accolades, likes, shares, or pats on our backs in order to know that we've done what God has called us to do. 

Be diligent. Whatever you do please be diligent in who you are. Do not stop being who God has created you because you've fallen short or you've sinned. We all do in some way, however, we cannot stay in our sin. So my plea to you is that you stay diligent in who you are called to be in Christ and allow him to lead, guide, and cleanse you in the process! 

Much Love, Jasmine Edwards