Continue Your Work.

Have you had moments where you weren't too sure how your were going to overcome that particular trial? Recently, I had an experience with someone who I was in a business and personal relationship with. We did not see eye-to-eye on a few scenarios and it led to the dissolving of our relationship. My heart sunk at the bottom of my stomach and I was not sure what I was going to do next, but then I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Continue your work".  

In moments of adversity and change it becomes almost impossible to not curl into the fetal position. I have wanted to do it for numerous years until God showed me that my stagnation leaves hundreds to millions of people waiting for someone to help them out of their darkness. With that personal and business relationship being over, I questioned whether or not I was called to do the work that I've embarked on since 2017.

I was not quite sure if moving beyond my comfort zone and disappointments was going to be enough in order to fulfill the mission of Move Beyond Inc. which is "to put God's love into action by inspiring individuals to make a positive impact in the world through self-improvement, social awareness, and outreach."In this moment of transition, I have learned that we must continue to do the work. We must continue even when our hearts break and we experience disappointment from people that we respect and love. You have work to do, so keep moving forward! 

Like our tagline says, Focus. Inspire. Navigate. Do Good. (F.I.N.D.) 

 When you discover what God has created you do then you have the responsibility to live it out and help others. Your community, your family, and your destiny is waiting for you to continue your work!