Attitude of Gratitude

For the past couple of weeks, I've been waking up and saying, "attitude of gratitude". Not understanding why this was happening, I've was asking God, "why do I keep saying this every day? What are you trying to tell me?" Then the light bulb came on!
He wanted me to know that I needed to have a grateful attitude!

I admit, it wasn't easy at first.
I'm not going to give you a bunch of church cliches without the facts. 
In rough times (being broke, going through growing pains, losing a job, etc.) you're going to get frustrated, maybe even angry, but the key in all this, is to have a grateful heart.

I don't think it easy for Jesus either, I suppose. 
You know, having to carry His own cross.. knowing that He was going to die for our sins and being beaten on the way there.

I could bet any money if you had to endure that pain, you'd tap out.

The beauty in it though is that HIS MIND WAS FOCUSED ON WHAT GOD HAD CALLED HIM TO DO.

And a focused mind will get you to where you should be.
Jesus stayed focused and He completed what He came on earth to do.

What if He had gotten side tracked?
What if He stopped to yell at everyone that was mocking Him along the way?

Our sins wouldn't be forgiven and we probably wouldn't be here. 

So, Gratitude.
Being grateful, helps you stay focused.
So, if you did lose your job, be grateful for new opportunities and God closing the door on something you no longer need.
And if you are going through growing pains (aka ADULTING), Thank God that He brought you this far and that He's molding you into being a mature adult.

I believe God is concerned about our hearts.
He wants our hearts focused on Him, and having an attitude of gratitude, pushes us to that place.

Fix your heart on Gods promises. Believe that your future in God is bright and rewarding, and watch things turn around for you.

Love you all.

-Jasmine Lassiter