Speak Up and Fight.

It’s time for every young woman, man, boy, and girl to take a stand and declare that sexual assault and abuse will no longer be kept silent! We’re NOT Prey! aims to be that voice for everyone. Join us in our fight to educate, heal, and spread awareness to survivors and the community!

We’re NOT Prey! is a movement where we advocate for change, healing, and support for those who are sexual assault and/or abuse survivors.

We’re NOT Prey! will focus helping women and men ages 18-35 obtain the counseling, support, and legal backing that they need to move beyond their circumstances to walk into their purpose through Christ Jesus.



Bay Area, CA


February 1st, 2019


Jasmine Edwards
Sable Horton


We will have relevant and effective training about Sexual Assault/Abuse from experts , workshops about the effects of trauma from mental health counselors, and compelling discussions from women (and men) who are advocates/survivors. We are passionate about making change and bringing about social awareness and justice!

If you’d like to volunteer, share your story, or support please email us at: movebeyondtears@gmail.com


Our Projected Outcomes:



Bring awareness to the community on how to protect their loved ones, provide emotional support to those who are victims, and advocate for themselves and others. We aim to have 3 trainings and one major event this year, so we can reach 100 men and women.



We are aiming to help raise funds to support women who need legal support, clothing, or other supplies after being removed from a situation that resulted in sexual assault and/or abuse. Our goal is raise $700.00.



We will work diligently to learn the laws in regards to consent in California, statue of limitations, and other laws that protect the predator more so than the victim. We will advocate to our local politicians and those in the federal government to make sure all survivors voices are heard and the social stigma of telling diminishes.