Jasmine Edwards


Born and raised in Vallejo, CA, Jasmine is a Bay Area native who has made it her life’s mission to service those who are broken, hurting, and in need of a hand in the area. Edwards has move beyond her own struggles of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and suicidal attempts/ideation which is her driving force to finding her own voice in order to teach others how to do the same. In 2017, Jasmine left fear behind and decided to launch Move Beyond Inc. by hosting the first ever, “From Condemned to Justified” Young Adult Conference.

Edwards’ desire is for this organization to be a safe haven for individuals (21-35) to learn how to shift their mind from doubt to full of resilience and faith. She is confident in her ability as a teacher, a motivator, a leader, and a problem-solver that Move Beyond will create programs and provide services that will cause any man or woman understand that they have value and a purpose from God.


Jade Hornes

Chief Operating officer

Jade Hornes is a driven marketing student with administrative accompanied by academic training at San Francisco State University. Jade Hornes has proven skills in project coordination, office and facilities management, and product knowledge. She is highly organized in a fast paced environment, with the ability to adapt to revising priorities creatively. Jade takes pride in task management skills and values clear communication to execute objectives for betterment of any company's overall success. Jade has added her skills to companies like Pixar, Pandora, and Uber.


Sable Horton

chief financial officer

Sable has been president, treasurer, and secretary in various organizations in college and other community based organizations. She is currently working as a coordinator for an organization where she provides care for those in different homeless encampments. Sable is passionate about the mental health of those young and old and she is currently working on her Bachelors in psychology.