Our Services


Life Skill Classes

Knowledge is the key to progress.

Join us for a series of workshops that will discuss subjects like goal setting, financial planning, healthy meals on a budget, and effective communication and many many more!


Learn how to budget, build credit, and invest to be financially responsible.


Learn healthy food recipes, get fitness tips, and take fitness classes to become a more balanced you.


Learn how to communicate effectively, how to overcome heart break, abuse, and build healthy connections with others.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The relationship between self and God must be reconciled.

Many young adults are walking through life angry with God, religion, and the people who have abused it with no place to really express why they feel that way. Move Beyond offers group and one-on-one coaching that will help you walk through the trauma that you’ve experienced as well as help you to rebuild your connection with God. We do this by having worship services, online Bible studies, conferences, and access to a coach that is faith-based. We want all people to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins and hiccups even when we lose our faith.


Social Outreach

Making a decision to take action is better than complaining.

Move Beyond is about ACTION. We have three major causes that we fight for which are: 1) sexual assault/abuse, 2) support of young adults aging out of foster care, and 3) suicide prevention. We want to spend our time being active in social issues that need more attention and solutions.

Join us as we fight for those whose voices don’t get heard! We are open to other causes to advocate and support as well.



Move Beyond Inc. offers the growing, socially conscious, and spiritual young adult (ages 21-35) an array of services to make them a better person for themselves, for their family, and their community. We desire for every person to find their voice and use the influence that God has given them to leave a their mark on the world.